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Best parental control software of 2017

Getting your business featured in publications can be tricky especially if you don’t have media connections. So when that happens organically that’s when it’s time to celebrate! We recently discovered our app featured in a U.K. publication called Tech Advisor. Tech Advisor attracts all experience levels across the whole range of consumer tech - from laptops to smartphones, apps and smart-home gadgets, and more. They focus on software and hardware that is PC-centric.

The original article is titled 'Best parental control software of 2017' and can be found here (

The article's’ listed apps/software that monitor children’s computer screen time and what websites they’re allowed to visit. The Test 4 Time app is beneficial to kids and parents because there is the added feature of having to solve math problems in order to continue using the phone. With young kids using tablets and smartphones more frequently than desktops, having an app that blocks websites and educates them is key.

The Test 4 Time app sends two-minute notifications to warn your child they have to answer more math problems soon, other wise they’ll be locked out of the phone. Your child will only answer questions that are appropriate for their grade level. When they answer a question correctly, they’re awarded one minute of screen time. As mentioned above, there is a parental control feature that blocks apps & websites your child isn’t allowed to go on. It is possible for parents to add minutes to a child's’ user bank. For example, you can set their user bank to 20 minutes, every minute after that they would have to answer math problems to keep playing.

Right now the Test 4 Time app is only available for Android tablets and smartphones. To learn more about Test 4 Time visit their website: The link to download the Test 4 Time app is:

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