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A "must have" for kids with cell phones. 


Coming Soon: 

Test 4 Time for the cable box and video game console!

Works with both iOS and Android.

Block is Engaged

Time to answer math questions to earn more screen time.

Parents in Control

Choose as many applications to block as you see fit.

Grade Appropriate Math

Choose from grades K through 6th for your student.

Edit Student Saved Time

Manually adjust time banks.

Secured Parent Acces

Enter your PIN number to access the Parental Settings

Multiple Users

Edit existing users' time bank or add a new user.

Test 4 Time!

Student is tested with grade appropriate math equations to earn screen time.

Prompted Warnings

2 minute warning as time earned counts down so your student can pause apps.

What They See

Full Parental Control


Full Parental Control

Parents can edit users, grade levels, and more!

One Correct Answer


One Minute Of Screen Time



Transform your child’s time spent on video games and other apps into a productive learning experience with math fact fluency as the goal. Becoming fluent moves those facts from the working memory to long term memory and frees that working memory to deal with new and more advanced concepts. Simply put, it’s hard to learn algebra when you are still struggling with your times tables.